Into the Blue Hole

Join Discovery Channel as it dives, LIVE, to the bottom of the legendary Blue Hole, the largest submerged sink hole in the world. What is inside this 30-million-year-old, 412-foot deep and 984-foot wide mystery? Forty-six miles off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole, its crystal-clear waters filled with an abundance of sharks have only ever been properly explored once before: by the legendary Jacques Cousteau himself back in 1971. But it has never been mapped, it has never been plotted, and we have absolutely no idea what lies at it’s deepest depth.

On December 3rd 2.30 AM IST we will be building a two-hour special around the Blue Hole Live Dive in a Stingray 500 manned submersible. On board will be Sir Richard Branson, Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Fabien Cousteau (submersible Host), and the submersible pilot Erica Bergman. They will be attempting to take their submersible to the bottom of the Blue Hole. Jacques Cousteau recorded the Hole as 412 feet deep, but this expedition can confirm that. For the first time (and unlike Jacques’ mission) they will have another submersible accompanying them with lights to try and see as much as possible - the new submersible gives them flexibility underwater. And it’s ALL going to happen LIVE.