Where do I find information about your programmes?

Our website has the latest information and is the best place to start.

How do I get your channels?

Our channels are available from a number of providers on a number of platforms. Please check with your local TV providers.

Your channel has stopped working?

If you are experiencing technical problems please contact your provider directly as it is most likely a technology issue they are best placed to answer.

When will a programme be on TV?

TV schedules are finalised two weeks before transmission. For the latest information visit the TV Listing or individual programme page HERE. You should also follow us at Discovery Channel India on Facebook as we post programme news and scheduling information here as well.

I've missed an episode. How can I catch-up?

Go to the TV Listing page and search for the programme. Shows are repeated at various points for this very reason.

Can I watch programmes on demand?

Some operators have video on demand services that feature our programmes. Use your operators search facility to find our programmes on their platform.

Can I use clips from your programmes in a lesson or presentation?

Some clips on our You Tube Channel are embeddable free of charge. Instructions on how to do this are available HERE If you embed the video you must include the appropriate channel and programme credit.

Due to copyright reasons we are unable to supply clips and images for all programmes. Discovery Access has clips that can be licensed for a fee. http://www.discoveryaccess.com/

Can I buy the rights to your images or programmes?

For programme sales and other commercial arrangements please visit the Discovery Enterprises International (DEI) site HERE or the Discovery Access site HERE.

I am a journalist and want information. Who do I contact?

For media enquiries please visit the press web HERE. Registration is needed.

Who owns Discovery?

Discovery Channel is part of Discovery Communications. To find out about Discovery Communications, its management team and portfolio of channels please visit the corporate website HERE.

What channels do you air in India?

Discovery has 7 channel brands in India covering factual and lifestyle & entertainment programming. Channels include Discovery Channel, Discovery HD, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo and Home & Health.

Are you on social media?

Connect with us at Discovery Channel India on Facebook.

I've got an idea for a programme, who do I contact?

We only accept proposals from TV production companies. If you have an idea for a programme you should research which production companies have worked on similar projects and submit a proposal to them directly.

How do I take part in a show?

To keep up to date with the latest opportunities follow us at Discovery Channel India on Facebook , or visit our programme pages HERE.

How do I become a presenter?

Discovery does not accept unsolicited show reels. If you want to become a presenter you need to contact a production company or casting agent directly. A show reel should be interesting, fun, no longer than 5 minutes in length and include several scenes that show variety. Do not go to great expense and get family or friends to help. When you send it to a production company enclose a covering letter and ensure your details are clearly marked. Never send the master copy.

I want to work for Discovery. How do I find out about opportunities?

To see all vacancies and internships visit the careers site HERE.

Where can I find details about the music used in your programme trailers?

Apps including Shazam and SoundHound are available and can recognise music tracks instantly. Discovery cannot be held responsible for the content of third party sites.

Where can I find details about the music used in your programmes?

Music used in programmes is often credited at the end of each programme. If its not listed, apps like Shazam and SoundHound are available that can recognise music tracks instantly.

Why has my comment been taken down from the website?

We moderate content sent in by users. If your content breaks our terms and conditions, it will be removed. This may be for legal or copyright reasons or you may have lowered the tone – by swearing, being derogatory to other users or by spamming with links to websites.

How can I advertise on your website or TV channel?

We offer a variety of advertising opportunities on our websites and television channels as well as larger integration possibilities with our content. To learn more about commercial opportunities and how your brand can work with us please use the Contact Us link and select Commercial from the drop down menu.

How do I comment on one of your shows?

Discovery welcomes all feedback from our viewers. If you wish to comment on our programmes or channels please use the Contact Us link on this page and follow the prompts so we can direct your comment to the appropriate department.

If your question is not covered by the FAQs please send it to contactdiscovery_india@discovery.com