You Have Been Warned

You have Been Warned (Season 4)

Monday - Wednesday| 8PM

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED is a fast-paced countdown of the world’s top 20 YouTube videos featuring homemade science stunts and experiments. Each episode focuses on a particular science theme and features the cleverest, funniest, most daring, or just downright bizarre clips, along with an explanation and breakdown from some of the world’s best science experts. With the help of amazing storytelling graphics, the expert panel will explain the what, how and why of the science that made these clips possible.

Throughout the series, viewers will encounter outrageous footage from around the globe: a one-wheeled motorbike in the United States, a Brazilian man who can hold his breath for more than 20 minutes, tiny helicopters that can lift a woman in Germany and the Finnish man who can fly with his own rocket boots.

Watch the new season of YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Monday to Wednesday 8PM, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode descriptions

EP 1 – Like a Boss : Find out how to do it like a boss. Features a record-breaking butt skipper, a woman restraining four motorcycles, and the fastest downhill bike ride ever. These guys reveal the very best of human ingenuity and perseverance by doing it like a boss.

EP 2 – Is This For Real? : We separate science fact from science fiction. From a woman who walks on water and a man that pumps up inner tubes with his ears, our experts ask "are they for real?" and expose the internet’s best tricksters.

EP 3 – Man vs. Nature : We’re pitting Man vs. Nature.  When a glass-breaking gorilla and a speed-racing sea lion face off against a snowman in the desert and an underwater wheelchair, which comes out on top?

EP 4 – Epic Skills : We countdown the clips that show off the Internet legends with the most epic skills on the planet: the world’s most incredible skin, the world’s first tattooing toes, and a speed flier that lands inside a moving cable car.

EP 5 - Homemade Hotshots : We’re counting down the most amazing -- and dangerous -- home experiments! We’re mixing electricity with swimming pools, racing supercharged golf carts on the drag way, and setting off homemade gunpowder to finally crown the top homemade hotshot.

EP 6 – Wild Rides : In this episode it’s not the destination that counts, it’s how you get there. And the stranger the better. We’re snowboarding in the clouds, quad bike riding with a koala, and looping a car in a sphere.

EP 7 - Brain vs. Brawn : In this episode mind and body go head to head as we pit Brain vs Brawn! We’re smashing fruit with a 9-inch nail launcher, building and destroying a giant sandcastle, and kissing cobras.

EP 8 - Killer Builds : We’re displaying mechanical marvels and eccentric engineering as we count down the best builds on the web. Showing off a seafaring super car, bees that can 3D print, and the jet powered wings that make man fly.

EP 9 – Facepalm (putting your face in your palm) : We’re turning epic fails into epic wins! In our search for the most motorcycle.cringe-worthy clips on the Internet, we witness a close call with a humpback whale, a plane that flies with circular wings, painful ant bites, and a glow stick explosion.

EP 10 - Shock and Awesome : Prepare to be shocked as we count down the most surprising and unexpected clips on the internet. There’s a communicating crow, a super speedy tractor, a silly putty axe, a monster crane lift, and a surfing motorcycle.