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World’s Top 5 is the global search for the ultimate giants of engineering genius.  We put the greatest mechanical marvels under the spotlight and pit them against each other to establish the best of the best.

Each show tests, and analyses the WORLD’S TOP 5 examples of a particular kind of machine, ranking them in five key categories. With a unique level of behind the scenes access, we watch each of them in action, and learn the trade secrets of the men who operate them. Finally, with analysis from our experts, we find out which is the ultimate winner.

Watch WORLD’S TOP 5, Fridays 9PM, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mighty Transporters:

Five outstanding Mighty Transporters are shortlisted, all are mechanical marvels in their own right – but which is the mightiest transporter?

Episode 2 - Worlds Top 5 Super Trains:

Each year trains carry 20.8bn people and 9.3tn tons of cargo. Explore the best; like the tilting N700 Bullet and the high speed TGV.

Episode 3 - Worlds Top 5 Super Planes:

Explore the world’s best aircraft including the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Antonov 225 and the Airbus A380. Which is the ultimate super plane?

Episode 4 - Monster Firefighters:

Explore the ground-breaking technology behind the world's mightiest ships, trains and planes. What drives the giants of engineering to be the biggest and best?


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