Food Factory - New Season


Monday to Friday 8PM

Food Factory reveals the mouthwatering secrets behind some of our all-time favourite treats, from animal crackers and Hershey’s Kisses, to sweet potato fries, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and the vegetarian mayonnaise that came to its creator in a dream! While some are lovingly handcrafted in artisanal kitchens, others are mass-produced by robots on a mega-industrial scale. Either way, it’s a wild culinary ride as mountains of raw materials are transformed into the finished products we all know and love. Feast your eyes on this!

Watch the new season of FOOD FACTORY, Monday to Friday 8PM, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Discover the tantalizing secrets of ice cream, the mystery of tangy tartar sauce, the enigmatic making of a single batch of 2,700 bite-size cake pops and how artisanal almonds get their signature crunch.

Episode 2 - Stay tuned to find out how a trip through a chocolate water-fall goes behind making Caribbean inspired candy bar; how 100 kilograms of corn meal produce a single batch of irresistible polenta crisps and why every maple-flavored Danish is a patriotic pastry.

Episode 3 - Learn why the process of making instant ready-to-blend fruit smoothies requires liquid nitrogen. Find out how raw organic cocoa beans are turned into luscious salted almond chocolate bars, and why Paneer doesn’t melt when it’s cooked .

Episode 4 - Did you know that it takes 1.5 million kilograms of strawberry sauce to produce strawberry shortcake ice cream? Did you know that  hundreds of delectable tacitos are hand-rolled every minute; Know such interesting facts and many more on this mouth-watering journey of Food Factory.

Episode 5 - Uncover the recipe of a unique protein-packed breakfast cereal made from navy beans, lentilsand brown rice. Find out how artisanal cream soda delivers a flavor without the sugar rush, and how quarter of a million churros are dusted with cinnamon and flash-fried to perfection every day.

Episode 6 - Discover how two brothers put an organic spin on the classic Cheese Twist; how millions of bite-sized mint chocolate patties roll off an assembly line each day

Episode 7 - Find out how millions of tortilla chips are baked and fried in a day;  how much cinnamon is needed to make 200,000 bite-size coffee cakes every day;  why  decadent mint double chocolate cookies blow your mind and why it takes an entire assembly line to make microwaveable popcorn in a bag!

Episode 8 - Explore the myriad secrets of the Triple ‘C’ cheesecake; find out how perfectly crispy sweet potato fries are made and how sweet and spicy gourmet tofu is changing the way we think of this traditionally bland food.

Episode 9 - Watch how over 70 million Hershey’s Kisses are produced daily at the world’s biggest chocolate plant. Watch the story of sisterhood behind colorful rainforest frog candy and how 150,000 kilograms of Madagascar vanilla beans produce extract by the tanker-load .

 Episode 10 - A giant sheet of molten candy is pulled by hand to produce thousands of tutti-frutti candies by machine; 300,000 spinach potato latkes are frozen every day; making gluten-free shirataki noodles requires a lesson in Japanese tradition and kitchen science and these guilt-free crisps pack pinto beans and vegetables into every cheesy bite.

Episode 11 - Discover the century old recipe for the popular peanut butter; how over five million roasted vegetable soufflés are baked to perfection every year and how a music maestro turned his grandma’s almond cookie recipe into a guilt-free snack.

Episode 12 - Visit a state-of-the-art factory that produces 1.5 billion truffles in a year. Find out why guilt- and gluten-free muffins are satisfying; why layers of buttery pastry dough and two tangy cheeses  are the secret to light and flaky gourmet cheese crisps.

Episode 13 - Find out how one of the world’s leading chocolatiers produce up to 500,000 dark chocolate bars a day ; learn the secrets of making an Indian fudge like candy called kaju-katli,  crumbly butter pecan cookies and a refreshing tropical smoothie made with tea, spices and coconut milk.

Episode 14 - Packed with a double dose of chocolate pudding and cookies, 144,000 pints of this decadent ice cream are produced every 12 hours. Watch how a blend of creamy coconut, ginger and green beans is made and how 35,000 champagne and strawberry lollipops are hand-crafted every day.

Episode 15 - Explore a fun range of innovative foods such as Tofurky —a hearty vegetarian alternative to Thanksgiving roast turkey. Watch how Shirley Temple soda—arguably the most famous kiddie cocktail ever is made and how, guilt free snack bars come into being.

Episode 16 - Discover the secrets of red-velvet ice cream, delectable breakfast spread made of chocolate and almonds and lemon burst cookies.

Episode 17 - Take a look at how over 350,000 of Betty Lou’s amazing chocolate-covered snack bars are made every day; follow the assembly line that churns out 21 million cream cheese filled jalapeno peppers every year and unravel the secret blend of  Old Montreal steak spice.

Episode 18 - Featuring loads of chocolate and a coconut centre, a mother-daughter duo has perfected the recipe for gluten-free Nanaimo bars. Chunks O’Fruti frozen strawberry fruit bars freeze in seven seconds, and 250,000 of them are produced every day. Find out why multicolored retro fruit jellies have attracted a celebrity following.

Episode 19 - Visit a Florida candy factory that makes melt-in-your-mouth mints;  Watch the ultimate chimichurri recipe and how every year, half a million bananas are transformed into chocolate-covered frozen treats.

Episode 20 - Watch 100 million Valencia oranges turn into a river of freshly squeezed juice; take a tour of a family run business that produces 2.5 million balls of pizza dough every day.

Episode 21 - Take a tour of Skippy’s Arkansas facility that produces 50,000 jars daily; explore a California factory that makes Eggplant Parmesan.Watch 3 million bags of shelled pistachios roll off Wonderful’s assembly line and meet the perfect movie-night chocolate bar.

Episode 22 - Take a look at the painstaking 10-hour process of making multi-coloured candy-covered almonds ;how the hole-free Bagelwich is boiled and baked at a rate of 15,000 buns per hour. Watch half a million pounds of S’mores snack mix roll off a California assembly line every year and how miso soup concentrate comes in a squeeze bottle.

Episode 23 - The Laura Secord factory reveals the magic ingredient that keeps their semi-sweet chocolate chips from melting away when baked.  At a snack factory in Illinois, 1,000 kilograms of nuts are roasted every hour to make Gourmet Hunter Mix. Find out how Bubbies brand crinkle-cut pickle slices pack their signature crunch and the story behind a gluten-free mushroom soup! 

Episode 24 - It takes truckloads of farm-fresh milk and a massive pipeline to produce more than half a million squeezable yogurt tubes every day. Watch how an Italian grandma ensures that every batch of basil and tomato sauce is made with love.

Episode 25 - Rice-A-Roni’s assembly line goes through 300,000 pounds of rice and pasta in a day. A speedy Caesar salad kit takes just 30 seconds to prepare. It takes 100,000 Granny Smith apples and loads of butter to make a year’s worth of Whole Foods apple pies and 40 million Glutino’s  gluten-free multi-grain English muffins are baked every year.