Food Factory - New Season


Mon-Fri 8PM

Food Factory reveals the mouthwatering secrets behind some of our all-time favourite treats, from animal crackers and Hershey’s Kisses, to sweet potato fries, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and the vegetarian mayonnaise that came to its creator in a dream! While some are lovingly handcrafted in artisanal kitchens, others are mass-produced by robots on a mega-industrial scale. Either way, it’s a wild culinary ride as mountains of raw materials are transformed into the finished products we all know and love. Feast your eyes on this!

Watch the new season of FOOD FACTORY, starts tonight, Monday-Friday 8PM, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - An irresistible combination of caramel, chocolate, and butter pecan, discover the tantalizing secrets of the ice cream you serve like a cake; named after a people who were part of Genghis Khan’s famous army, tangy tartar sauce was given a gourmet twist in the 1970s, and is perfected daily; it takes plenty of icing, slabs of cake, and a machine called the ‘encruster’ to make a single batch of 2,700 bite-size cake pops; and, a special roasting oven and Dead Sea salt give artisanal almonds their signature crunch.

Episode 2 - Featuring shredded coconut, toasted almonds, and rum, this Caribbean-inspired candy bar takes a trip through a chocolate waterfall; it takes three kilograms of rosemary, six kilograms of roasted garlic, and 100 kilograms of corn meal to produce a single batch of irresistible polenta crisps; sprinkled with walnuts and glazed by hand, every maple-flavoured Danish is a patriotic pastry that’s packed with a magical filling; and, laced with butter and parmesan, Alfredo risotto is so popular that more than 25 million boxes of it are produced every year.

Episode 3 - The process of making instant ready-to-blend fruit smoothies is so cool that it takes a river of liquid nitrogen to make it happen; find out how raw organic cocoa beans are turned into luscious salted almond chocolate bars; delicious paneer isn’t just the most popular cheese in southeast Asia, it doesn’t melt when it’s cooked; and, with a killer combination of kick, wasabi horseradish mustard features a spicy family story that only science can explain.

Episode 4 - It takes 1.5 million kilograms of strawberry sauce to satisfy the annual demand for strawberry shortcake ice cream; hundreds of delectable tacitos are hand-rolled every minute, and if you want to join the assembly line, it’ll take you three months to get up to speed; with gallons of chocolaty fluff and just minutes on the clock, making marshmallows is a race against time; and, after a massive shredder cuts the vegetables down to size, broccoli slaw is washed twice before hitting the spin cycle.

Episode 5 - The surprising thing about this protein-packed breakfast cereal is that it’s made from navy beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, and brown rice; a love for soda pop was the inspiration for an artisanal cream soda that delivers a flavour high without the sugar rush; the recipe for vegan mayonnaise came to its creator in a dream, and a 24-hour production cycle means a whopping annual yield of 4 million kilograms; and, steeped in Spanish history, a quarter of a million churros are dusted with cinnamon and flash-fried to perfection every day.

Episode 6 - Two fun-loving brothers have put an organic spin on the classic cheese twist, and their high-tech assembly line includes a video system that scans for defective curls; if you’ve got a hankering for bite-size mint chocolate patties, the good news is that millions of them roll off the assembly line every day; it takes 200 litres of vodka every month to help put the zing in a buttery bacon-scented tomato sauce; and, the surprising thing about high-end chili powder is that it contains seven spices harvested from the four corners of the globe.

Episode 7 - Now the official state snack of Texas, millions of tortilla chips are baked in a tunnel oven before taking a quick dip in a giant flash fryer; all-natural ingredients and a whole lot of cinnamon give grandma’s kitchen flavour to 200,000 bite-size coffee cakes every day; if you think vegan means bland, then these decadent mint double chocolate cookies will blow your palate and your mind; and, it takes an entire assembly line to provide you with the blockbuster convenience of microwaveable popcorn in a bag.

Episode 8 - Triple ‘C’ cheesecake is a chocolate lover’s fantasy featuring a brownie bottom, chocolate cheesecake middle, a chocolate mousse topping, and even more chocolate; discover the unique father-and-son story behind a Noah’s Ark of animal crackers, and watch as a massive menagerie of soon-to-be cookies stampedes through a giant tunnel oven; spaghetti-like strands of dough are chopped, baked for just 30 seconds, and then seasoned to become perfectly crispy sweet potato fries; and, combined with its 2000-year history, tofu’s bland reputation is getting an overhaul with a sweet and spicy gourmet version that’s anything but

Episode 9 - Up to 70 million, picture-perfect Hershey’s Kisses are lovingly produced daily at the world’s biggest chocolate plant; a sweet fusion of the French crepe and the Russian blini, every cheese-filled crepini is hand-assembled before a machine finishes the job; there’s a real-life sisterhood behind the colourful and tangy gummy candies that look just like rainforest frogs; and, every year, it takes 150,000 kilograms of hand-selected Madagascar vanilla beans to produce top-of-the-line extract by the tanker-load.

Episode 10 - A giant sheet of molten candy is pulled by hand before a machine takes over to produce thousands of tutti-frutti candies; on their way to your breakfast table, 300,000 spinach potato latkes are flash fried, showered with cold water, and frozen every day; a lesson in Japanese tradition and kitchen science, making gluten-free shirataki noodles requires precision and a magic ingredient; and, these guilt-free crisps pack loads of pinto beans and vegetables into every cheesy bite.

Episode 11 - The recipe for these popular peanut butter cups hasn’t changed in nearly a century and neither has the retro packaging; upwards of five million roasted vegetable soufflés are baked to perfection every year; after a successful career as a conductor, this maestro dusted off his grandma’s secret almond cookie recipe and turned them into a popular and nearly guilt-free snack; and, it takes almost 7,000 kilograms of crushed tomatoes every day to make traditional Italian puttanesca sauce by the barrel

Episode 12 - If you’ve got a serious hankering for chocolate, head to the state-of-the-art factory that produces 1.5 billion truffles a year; packed with veggies, bananas, and heaps of chocolate chips, meet the guilt- and gluten-free muffin that’s as satisfying as it is healthy; retro Hot Tamales are North America’s number one cinnamon flavored candy, and 73 million of them are produced every day; and, layers of buttery pastry dough and two tangy cheeses are the secret to light and flaky gourmet cheese crisps.

Episode 13 - From raw materials to finished products, Food Factory goes behind the scenes to reveal how our favourite foods are produced: With 165 years of practice, find out how one of the world’s leading chocolatiers produces up to 500,000 dark chocolate bars a day; it takes 35,000 cashew nuts from around the world to make a single batch of the fudge-like East Indian candy called kaju katli, and it’s up to a series of robotic arms to package them to perfection; loaded with butter and pecans, these crumbly melt-in-your-mouth cookies go by more names than a secret agent; and, blending tea, spices, and coconut milk, this refreshing smoothie combines tropical flair with a host of health benefits.

Episode 14 - Packed with a double dose of chocolate pudding and cookies, 144,000 pints of this decadent ice cream are produced every 12 hours; if you love Indian curry, you’ll go nuts for this irresistible blend of creamy coconut, spicy ginger, and tender crisp green beans; these champagne and strawberry lollipops will satisfy your adult cravings and the kid in you, and the good news is that up to 35,000 of them are lovingly hand-crafted every day; and, featuring European chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and luscious raspberry jam, these truffle pigs are hunted by the big bad wolf and humans alike.

Episode 15 - Complete with holiday stuffing in the centre, Tofurky is a hearty vegetarian alternative to Thanksgiving roast turkey; two best friends have put their passion for healthy eating into making tasty and nutritious snack bars that are guilt-free and packed with energy; it’s arguably the most famous kiddie cocktail ever, and the good news for fans is that 1.5 million cans of Shirley Temple soda are produced daily; and, these one-bite snacks combine three generations of love with crunchy almonds, tangy cranberries, and decadent white chocolate.

Episode 16 - First served at a fancy NYC hotel in the 1920s, today you’ll find a delectable chunk of red velvet cake in nearly every single spoonful of the ice cream that bears its name; the good news for hungry hikers is that more than half a million pumpkin spice granola bars are pumped out daily; breakfast becomes a nutty decadent treat when you serve up the delectable spread that blends melted chocolate with freshly ground roasted almonds; and, though it may be hard to believe, 100 batches of lemon burst cookies are made every day using the essential oil from 24,000 lemons!

Episode 17 - A go-to snack for over a century, Planters salted cocktail peanuts are showered with vegetable oil and roasted in a giant oven called the ‘Big Daddy’; Betty Lou’s amazing chocolate-covered snack bars contain fruits, nuts, and freeze-dried vegetables, and over 350,000 of them are made every day; follow the delectable assembly line that turns out 21 million crispy cream-cheese-filled jalapeno peppers every year; and, inspired by the city’s famous smoked meat sandwiches, Old Montreal steak spice contains a secret blend of 20 herbs and spices

Episode 18 - Featuring a double dose of chocolate and an irresistible coconut centre, a mother-daughter duo has perfected the recipe for decadent gluten-free Nanaimo bars; with a state-of-the-art assembly line, Chunks O’Fruti frozen strawberry fruit bars freeze in about seven seconds, and 250,000 of them are produced every day; uncover the history behind savoury Shanghai dumplings and find out why it’s impossible to eat just one; and, lovingly made by hand, these multicoloured retro fruit jellies have attracted a celebrity following.

Episode 19 - Discover how this supermarket chain helps improve your kitchen cred with exotic chicken pad Thai kits that take mere minutes to prepare; visit the Florida candy factory that turns out heavenly melt-in-your-mouth mints thanks to some antique machinery and a hundred-year-old recipe; a versatile Argentinian condiment, the search for the ultimate chimichurri recipe reveals a spicy love story and tons of herbs and garlic; and, every year, half a million lucky bananas are lovingly transformed into chocolate-covered frozen treats.

Episode 20 - Transforming 100 million Valencia oranges annually into a river of freshly squeezed juice, the stats on this mammoth Florida facility will blow your mind; featuring a one-of-a-kind custom-built Italian oven, tour the family-run business that produces a mind-boggling 2.5 million balls of pizza dough every day; don’t be put off by the name Fruiti Farts because these colourful confections feature a rainbow of flavours and a chewy-crunchy personality that’s all their own; and, said to have been created for a 17th century French queen, over a million bite-size cream puffs roll off this California assembly line every day.

Episode 21 - While peanut butter can be traced back to the Aztecs, Skippy has been perfecting its recipe since 1933, and produces 50,000 jars daily at its Arkansas facility; though technically not a vegetable but a fruit, Italians are responsible for creating eggplant Parmesan—a classic Mediterranean dish that’s made by the truckload in this California facility; perfectly salted and irresistibly nutty, a staggering three million bags of Wonderful brand shelled pistachios roll off this assembly line every day; and meet the perfect movie-night chocolate bar that’s packed with popped seeds, crunchy tortilla chips, and pop-in-your mouth candy.

Episode 22 - A traditional confection dating back to Roman times, making multi-coloured candy-covered almonds is a painstaking 10-hour process; putting a twist on the Montreal classic, the hole-free Bagelwich is first massaged by hand, then boiled and baked at a rate of 15,000 buns per hour; providing all the satisfaction without the campfire or mosquitoes, half a million pounds of S’mores snack mix roll off this California assembly line every year; and, an ancient Japanese staple, miso soup concentrate now comes in a squeeze bottle and enough of it is produced in a year to make over six billion cups of soup.

Episode 23 - The Laura Secord factory produces a million of them a day, and an insider reveals the magic ingredient that keeps semi-sweet chocolate chips from melting away when baked; at this snack factory in Illinois, 1,000 kilograms of nuts are cleaned and roasted every hour to keep up with the demand for Gourmet Hunter Mix; called bread and butter chips even though they contain neither, Bubbies brand crinkle-cut pickle slices pack a signature crunch that’s both sweet and sour; and, an ancient grain and a trip to South America are the inspiration for this gluten- and guilt-free creamy mushroom soup.

Episode 24 - It takes truckloads of farm-fresh milk and a massive pipeline to produce more than half a million squeezable yogurt tubes every day; at this Mediterranean-inspired kitchen, an authentic Italian grandma is on hand to ensure that every batch of old-school basil and tomato sauce is made with love; 1,400 fruity organic chews are cut and wrapped per minute and the process is so fast it’s invisible to the naked eye; and, if these two entrepreneurs get their way, tofu’s protein-packed cousin tempeh is going to become number one with vegetarian foodies everywhere.

Episode 25 - The original ‘San Francisco Treat’ since 1958, Rice-A-Roni’s assembly line goes through 300,000 pounds each of rice and pasta every single day, and produces six million boxes per week; pre-packed with bacon bits, shredded cheese, croutons, and dressing, this speedy Caesar salad kit takes just 30 seconds to prepare; it takes 100,000 Granny Smith apples, tons of butter, and plenty of love to make a year’s worth of delectable Whole Foods apple pies; and, nearly 40 million of Glutino’s gluten-free multi-grain English muffins are baked, sliced, toasted, and devoured every year.