Food Factory

Discovery Channel, India

Every Night, 7PM

Behind each bag of chips, can of beer, bar of chocolate, and loaf of bread is a mega-industrial production line that brings each product to the masses. Food Factory is a mesmerising behind-the-scenes peek into the weird and wonderful processes that produce everyone’s favourite foods.

From fresh ingredients to finished products, Food Factory reveals in awe-inspiring detail just how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hard hat and get ready to meet the food!

Watch an all new season of FOOD FACTORY every night at 7PM, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Discover how gooey glazed donuts get blasted by an icing waterfall, while ice cream bars are given a chocolate bath; why health-conscious Korean astronauts take pickled kimchi into outer space; and the lengths that salt miners will go to to put “white gold” on people’s plates.

Episode 2: Discover how spicy salsa gets its peppery kick; a tangy ancient cheese once made by monks gets a modern makeover; crunchy fortune cookies come sweet, tasty and packed full of good advice; and a popular summertime snack gets stuffed with ice creamy coolness.

Episode 3: Discover how cool and refreshing frozen yogurt gets its dizzying layers of crunchy toffee and peanut butter swirl; the origin of crispy spring rolls and what really goes into plum sauce; Purdy’s rich and gooey Sweet Georgia Browns get their mouthwatering salty sweet balance; and double-the-pleasure brie gets its fuzzy white coat and creamy goodness.

Episode 4: Discover how sweet, crispy waffle cones get their ice cream-ready shape; rich, dark chocolate milk is transformed from creamy to dreamy; tangy Doritos nachos go from kernel to crunchy chip; and how the special ingredient in cheesy Indian dessert Kesar Rasmalai could break the bank.

Episode 5: Discover how modern technology has transformed the way traditional Indian flatbread is baked; crunchy cheesy puffs get a flavour as bright as their neon colour; cream filled cookies get that distinctly Canadian taste and shape; and decadent chocolates are filled with the luck o’ the Irish.

Episode 6: Discover how zesty mustard gets its vibrant colour; luxurious orange creams come filled with a double hit of sweet and tart; nutty granola bars are jam packed with exotic ingredients; and what exactly goes into Tootsie Rolls to give them that old-school chewy texture.

Episode 7: Discover how many spices go into richly aromatic tikka masala, and why it’s Britain’s favourite meal; sweet and sour gummy worms get their mouth-puckering flavour; crunchy golden tortillas stay intact until they’re stuffed full of Mexican treats on taco night; and seasonal Easter crème eggs get that yummy and yolky egg-like filling.

Episode 8: Discover how classic Tootsie Pops get that chewy reward in the middle; sweet and tangy ketchup contains all of the five taste sensations; a traditional Italian dessert, tiramisu, actually gets its pillowy texture from crunchy biscuits; and why salty, doughy pretzels get all twisted.

Episode 9: Discover how crispy, cheesy pizza goes from simple slice to portable pocket; refreshing ginger beer gets that sweet and spicy pop; powdered sugar is pressure packed into tangy tart double flavour lollipops; and addictive chocolate toffee nut clusters get their bite-sized crunchy shapes.

Episode 10: Discover how peppermint puffs get their light and airy texture while packing a spicy blast; flaky cheese straws get that perfect twist of buttery cheddar and crunchy pastry; cool and fruity mango chutney is the Indian condiment used as ketchup, relish and mustard all at once; and iconic love hearts are embossed with those catchy sweet nothings.

Episode 11: Discover how sweet and sugary Mike and Ike candies get their chewy centres and shiny shells; rich and cheesy shredded mozzarella is made just right for nacho night; cool and refreshing Arizona iced green tea gets the same smooth, healthy taste in every can; and how banana-flavoured Turkish Taffy comes out crunchy yet soft and stretchy at the same time.

Episode 12: Discover how decadent peanut butter chocolate bonbons from Waggoner are made to resemble the lucky buckeye nut; the noodles in slurp-worthy instant Japanese ramen soup get their signature curly shape; Amazing Dad’s barbecue sauce gets it’s much buzzed-about sweet and tangy flavour; and a rich, coconut-infused marshmallow chocolate cup gets its sinfully fluffy centre.

Episode 13: Discover how the makers of madras sambar, an ancient Indian vegetable stew, manage to fit an entire aromatic meal into a small can; the surprisingly sumptuous combo of lemony chocolate and cottage cheese is molded into Moo Moo bars, a modern update of a frozen Russian treat; CheeChas, a crunchy Mexican-inspired chip is puffed up from pasta; and classic sugary American gumdrops get their chewy texture. 

Episode 14: Discover how irresistibly flaky sausage rolls were formerly a snack fit for just a king; fluffy, sugary Peeps marshmallows come out looking like adorable baby chicks; bright colored Candy Tree lollipops get their sweet and sour flavor; and a Middle Eastern staple, pita, gets puffed up into a crunchy, zesty bite-sized snack. 

Episode 15: Discover how smooth caramel and milky chocolate combine with scrumptious pretzels to produce a perfect salty sweet snack; the makers of Jelly Bellys get those mouth-watering flavours into their jellybeans; lip-smacking Korean dumplings are jam-packed with savory spices and healthy veggies; and meaty, finger-licking Cornish pasties get their signature shape from an underground connection. 

Episode 16: Discover how sweet and crunchy Boston Baked Beans are made to be the candy version of a traditional side dish; the tangy strawberry filling in a Welch’s fruit yogurt snack receives a creamy coating; brocato, a decadently cheesy Scottish breakfast pie, gets its signature stand up pastry shell; and Kerr’s infuses their irresistible peppermint chocolate candies with an authentically spicy flavour. 

Episode 17: Discover how the makers of doubly delicious “Tortetufo” get one chocolate praline mousse cake inside another; plain chick peas are transformed into yummy boondi, a spicy, crunchy Indian snack; sinfully tender, frosted sugar cookies come out of the oven a technicolor treat; and mouthwateringly flaky, aromatic Greek spanakopita is spun into a modern spinach pie twisted up in phyllo pastry. 

Episode 18: Discover how Amy’s Kitchen wraps up their scrumptious rice and pinto bean burritos; an Oregon-based company adds a double shot of bacon to lip smacking fried rice that never meets the fryer; sweet little Maraschino cherries get their signature colour; and the makers of classic Abba-Zaba candy bars get that perfect combo of chewy taffy and creamy peanut butter.   From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!

Episode 19: Discover how old world flavour is lovingly baked into rustic and crusty Baltic dark rye bread; sweet and chewy Duo cookies cater to the tastes of chocolate and vanilla lovers alike; tangy Japanese ginger carrot dressing complements Western as well as Asian dishes; and fluffy, crunchy, chocolaty Rocky Road bars are carefully built on a sumptuous bed of creamy marshmallow. 

Episode 20: Discover how humble rice and sugar are transformed into a gooey, crunchy marshmallow bar topped with rainbow-coloured chocolate chips; the root, stem and flowery part of a Japanese plant are pureed into a delicate but very spicy sidekick to sushi; meatless deli magicians, Tofurky, turn soy milk into mouthwateringly aromatic Italian veggie sausages; and, how many microscopic layers are baked into the flaky dough of a sinfully moist and tender Mini Choco bun. 

Episode 21: Discover how crispy, lip-smacking Kettle potato chips are specially crinkled for maximum dipping power; sweet, melt-in-your-mouth meringue cookies get their delicate texture in an unconventional oven; chewy oat flax dough and country-style strawberry jam join forces to produce an omega-rich, delicious and nutritious snack; and the makers of savoury Mediterranean flatbread bake an extra snappy, super crunch into each bite. 

Episode 22: Discover how an aromatic blend of exotic spices is packed into pakoras, a mouthwatering, deep-fried Indian fritter; the bakers of decadently custardy Napoleon bars fold thousands of tiny layers into flaky French pastry; fiery jalapeno peppers are added to a creamy, nutty hummus; and bold sea salt enhances the sinfully sweet flavor of irresistible caramel to produce a presidential bonbon.  

Episode 23: Discover how roasted eggplants are transformed into rich and yummy baba ghanoush; apple strudel is hand braided into a flaky, buttery treat; creamy ranch dressing gets its distinctively tangy flavour; and soft, sweet and chewy chocolate chip cookies are produced in big enough quantities to satisfy the demand for bedtime snacks everywhere.  

Episode 24: Discover how chocolaty cherry cordial bonbons come packed with explosive flavor in every bite; warm and comforting mulled apple cider is brewed with a mix of special spices to achieve a mouthwatering apple pie aroma; a carefully selected batch of healthy dried beans are combined to create a delicious four-blend medley; and rich and creamy turtle cheesecake is built from the bottom up, resulting in a super-decadent after-dinner treat.   

Episode 25: Discover how festive eggnog gets its rich and creamy, soothing texture; pre-assembled gingerbread houses are built on a spicy foundation of aromatic dough and icing; sweet and luxurious milk chocolate is painstakingly formed into flavorful hollow chocolate Santas; and fruity, nutty, dense traditional Christmas cake is infused with a round of holiday cheer.   

Episode 26: Discover how only a few simple ingredients produce the complex flavour of crumbly, buttery Scottish shortbread; moist cake and creamy mousse are rolled into Yule logs, a decadent holiday dessert; a secret ingredient is the crunch in a sweet and minty chocolate bark; and the iconic hook of a candy cane is the finishing touch on a classic stocking stuffer.