Revealed: Humayun’s Tomb


Premieres Tonight, Monday 9PM

Revealed: Humayun’s Tomb is a documentary on the first monumental mausoleum of India. At the same time the narrative takes us on a historical flashback into the incredible world of the great Mughals. It shows us how the Monument has stood as silent witness to Imperial Delhi’s ups and downs.

Running parallel to the historical theme the documentary follows the restoration work undertaken by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture that has brought this monument back from near ruin to a condition that is like when it was first built. The documentary uses a series of ‘re-creations’ with actors that take the viewer into key moments of Mughal history. From Humayun’s death as he tumbled down his library staircase, to Akbar the Great’s coronation as a young teenager. Juxtaposing the historical re-creations are scenes filmed in present day depicting the ‘behind the scenes’ efforts that went into the restoration of the site and the buildings around the monument.  Bringing all these sub stories together is the environment the Monument exists in. Built next to the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamudin, Humayun’s Tomb stands within the densest cluster of Islamic buildings of Delhi.

Watch REVEALED: HUMAYUN'S TOMB, premiering tonight, Monday 9PM, only on Discovery Channel.

Facts About Humayun's Tomb

  1. Humayun’s Tomb has stood constant for over four centuries.
  2. Humayun’s Tomb is the first of the grand imperial mausoleum, which became synonymous with Mughal architecture.
  3. The structure covers almost 100,000 square feet and rises to almost 160 feet.
  4. It boasts of a central chamber which is as tall as a seven-storey building.
  5. The dome exterior is a massive 225 feet in circumference.
  6. The finial at the top is almost 20 feet tall with close to 300 kilogrammes of copper and 10 kilogrammes of gold.
  7. The gardens or the Char Bagh are spread across 26 acres which is an area equivalent to five cricket fields.
  8. The building is made up of a series of eight sided or octagonal structures.
  9. Reflection pools at the corners of the plinth catch the geometric splendour.
  10. The chamber under the dome is 70 feet high.
  11. A series of arches on the exterior, create the illusion that the tomb is divided into several floors.
  12. The design of the tomb combines Persian motifs with traditional Indian stone craftsmanship.
  13. The finial is an example of the synthesis between Indian craftsmanship and Persian motifs — the Islamic dome is topped with an embellishment inspired by Hindu temple architecture.
  14. There are over 160 other Mughals buried along with Humayun. Among the unmarked cenotaphs are Akbar’s mother, Hamida and five later Mughal Emperors, buried over the centuries.
  15. Over 3000 tonnes of sandstone and marble were used in the construction of the tomb; brought from over 300 kilometres away.
  16. Most of the stone used in the tomb and adjoining structures is local Quartzite.
  17. Humayun’s final resting place was completed in the early 157os.



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