A Haunting


Saturday-Sunday, 11PM

This series dramatizes some of the scariest stories of supernatural activity, revealing a world in which tragedy, suicide and murder have left psychic impressions so powerful that innocent people have become forced to deal with them decades later.  Through mesmerizing first-person accounts, the mystery and origin of each haunting is powerfully unraveled.

Watch A HAUNTING every Saturday-Sunday, 11pm, only on Discovery Channel. 

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Demon’s Revenge : In the summer of 2008, Tiffany McKinnon, her boyfriend Billy Quattlebaum and his 7-year-old daughter Georgia move into a 200-year-old farmhouse in the small, quaint town of Franklin, VA. The house is a dream come true for the burgeoning family, but an ominous nightmare warns of trouble to come. Soon after, Tiffany discovers that the spirit of a freed slave is haunting the home and is determined to make peace with him. But there is another entity hiding in the shadows tormenting the family and threatening their lives. Determined to stay in the farmhouse, Tiffany seeks help from a paranormal investigative team and the church hoping to expel the evil that lurks there.

Episode 2

The Shadowman: Tim Yancey and his older brother Tom love playing in the woods surrounding their Florida home. One afternoon Tom senses a presence watching him from among the shadows. Days later, the same entity confronts Tim and chases him through the woods. Frightened to go outside, the boys become prisoners in their own home. …Until the entity invades their bedroom and an onslaught of torments ensues. Terrified and trapped, Tim and his mother appeal for help; but their pleas go unanswered. Decades later, Tim returns to his childhood home, determined to face down the demon and reclaim his life.

Episode 3

Demon Unearthed: In the small town of Garden Grove, Iowa, Jennifer, Norman and their son Andrew Rice purchase their dream home - a majestic 19th century mansion. During renovations, the family finds out the house is plagued by rumors of a mysterious death and a body buried in the basement. Soon after, Jennifer and Andrew begin experiencing paranormal activity while Norman is out of town on business. As the months go by, the haunting becomes more terrifying and threatening, turning their fantasy home into a living nightmare. And when Norman returns, he too becomes the evil entity’s next victim. The family reaches out to the church to cleanse the house, but it doesn’t help. The sinister force grows even more powerful until it forces the Rices to abandon their dream house.

Episode 4

Devil Inside Me : When John Drenner, Jr. finds a satanic bible in an abandoned shack in rural Maryland he unwittingly unleashes a sinister demon. Dead-set on destroying him, the relentless entity invades John’s worst nightmares and threatens him with violent physical attacks. After years spent trying to rid himself of the unholy horror, John descends into an abyss of depression and isolation. As the demon draws closer to claiming John’s life, he meets a young woman who offers him new hope and joins him in his desperate search for help. As the demon closes in, they find deliverance minister Bill Bean who must act swiftly to perform a powerful exorcism and oust the demon before it’s too late.

Episode 5

Evil Never Dies : In 2009, Jennifer Hoke and her fiancée, Jamie Jones, have found their dream home along the waterfront in Pensacola, FL for them and Jennifer’s two daughters.  Little do they know, something dark is lurking in the dream house.  The family struggle to explain strange noises and shadows.  Soon they realize they are being tormented by a violent ghost, bent on terrorizing the family.  What starts as strange noises escalates to physical attacks, scratches and Jamie is pulled from his bed.  Frightened and trapped, the family turns to a local empath for answers.  What she discovers is an even darker history than expected.

Episode 6

Ashes to Evil : Amelia and Calvin Braddy and their two young daughters are excited to start their new life in a large apartment in Hampton, Tennessee. Soon after moving in, Amelia can’t shake the feeling that they are not alone. After the house nearly catches on fire, the couple learns that, years ago, another fire claimed the lives of a young family in their apartment. Amelia becomes convinced their home is haunted by the spirits of the dead children. But when the haunting becomes violent, the family realizes that a far more evil entity lurks in their dream home and is targeting family members one by one. Fearing for their safety, the family turns to paranormal investigators for help before it’s too late.

Episode 7

A close-knit family claim their idyllic home life is under threat by what they believe is a supernatural force from hell, which they try to rid themselves of with help from a team of paranormal investigators and a demonologist.

Episode 8

A family move into an Ohio farmhouse, which they soon come to believe is haunted by the ghosts of a brutal murder and deadly blaze.

Episode 9

Parents worry about the safety of their children after unearthing their new home's evil history of dark rituals and death.

Episode 10

A home's history of death coupled with a series of unexplained events make a young family worry that they are living in a haunted house.

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